Jugendstil im Wandel


Discovering Art Nouveau in 1900 and today, Ålesund, 7 October 2004
Jugendstilsenteret, in collaboration with the Réseau Art Nouveau Network hosted this international symposium in Ålesund (N). 

Art Nouveau in Progress, Wien 24-25, October 2002

Centered on the same theme as the exhibition “Art Nouveau in Progress”, this international colloqium examined the ways in which the Art Nouveau heritage has been promoted throughout the 20th century. It retraces the history of its gradual rediscovery and emphasizes the current problems involved in its preservation and presentation. A wide range a European examples will serves to illustrate the fate of this heritage, which is still in jeopardy or currently benefitting from processes of restoration and transformation. 



With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union