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Archives d'Architecture en Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles - BELGIUM
This archive allow to find the Art Nouveau funds within the French Community (Wallonie-Bruxelles), especially the funds Horta (documentation), Chardon-Marbrier, Franz Tillez and Serrurier-Bovy.
ISACF La Cambre, Place Flagey, 19, B-1050 Bruxelles, tel : +32 2 643 66 68, fax: +32 2 647 46 55,
AAM- Archive Architecture Moderne/ Musée d'architecture- La Loge - BELGIUM
The AAM collection builds on the donations of Jean Dethier and Philippe Rotthier. Library containing over 15000 titles on architecture and urban planning, the history of cities and building techniques. It also houses a rich collection of articles, biographies and photographs covering the 19th and 20th century in Belgium, but also major international architects.
55, rue de l'Ermitage, B-1050 Bruxelles-Brussels, tel +32-2-6422464, fax +32-2-6422463,
Architecture Archive- Sint-Lukasarchief VZW - BELGIUM
The Sint-Lukasarchief was founded in 1968 as an architectural archive and is today one of the most prominent research centres in Belgium with a focus on contemporary architecture and architectural history and city planning.
The collection has been developed in connection with the research, exhibitions, publications and other actions of the Sint-Lukasarchief. These combinations have served as a basis for the collection of photos, documents and plans. Since its foundation, the Sint-Lukasarchief has built up an impressive collection of archive documents, architecture plans, urban design plans and photos, all of which is available to the public on appointment.
Vanderlindenstraat 22, B - 1030 Bruxelles-Brussel, tel + 32 2 217 65 99, fax + 32 2 219 93 10,
Centre d’Archives et de Documentation de la Commission royale des Monuments, Sites et Fouilles (Archives and Documentation Centre of the Royal Heritage Commission) - BELGIUM
This fund mainly contains dossiers with names, which collect verdicts, correspondence, specifications, restoration options and techniques, follow-up of the construction site…Those so-called “administrative” archives are also legal, historical, archaeological or environmental. Already assessed at seven million dossiers in 1995, they are also completed with over five thousand iconographic documents: black and white photographs, of which a lot of stereotype plates of the Royal Institute of artistic heritage, in colour most of the photographs are taken by the members of the CRMSF in the event of patronizing the estate or when visiting the construction site. The fund also contains a lot of old postcards of good quality.
C.E.S.R.W., Rue du Vertbois 13c, 400 Ličge, tel: +32- 4-232.98.51/52, fax: +32-4-232.98.89

Centre de Documentation de La Fonderie (Bruxelles-Brussel) - BELGIUM
This Documentation Centre gathers 9.000 books and 200 titles of periodicals. It is dedicated to history and social and economic current affairs in the Brussels Region. Among the richest topics, let's quote accomodation, industrial heritage, unions, city, urbanism. This Centre also countains a photo library with 60.000 photos from black and white documents and dias.
Rue Ransfort 27, 1080 Bruxelles, tél + 32-2-410-10-80, fax +32-2-410-39-85,
CIDEP - Centre d'Information, de Documentation et d'Etude du Patrimoine  - BELGIUM
This association offers a documentation centre located in Brussels.
The association C.I.D.E.P. researches and gathers all the heritage related documents or objects, especially related to architecture and town planning. The documentation centre contains a library with ancient books, which many are rare editions from the 16th, 17th and 18th century, as well as modern scholarship journals; a photo library keeping some unique traces of the history of architectural photography and contemporary documentary images; a print cabinet covering all periods of printing; an archive about the evolution of architecture and urbanism; a cabinet of contemporary medals of building creation; a cabinet of objects (instruments, furniture, paintings, models,...); a collection of significant architecture elements; an archive of architects' souvenirs (portraits, signatures, autographs, sketches, etc.).
Rue de la grande île, 11 - 1000 Bruxelles-Brussel,

Direction des Monuments et des Sites, Service public régional de Bruxelles


The monument and sites Directorate of Brussels Regional Public Service has established a documentation centre for the files on protection- and restoration works that they possess in their archives. The library counts almost 3000 documents and a large number of magazines on the history and heritage of the Brussels region, architecture and restoration techniques, landscaping and archaeology. The Documentation centre is open for everyone with an interest in Brussels' heritage (students, researchers, house owners and project developers). Available on appointment only.
Service public régional de Bruxelles, CCN, 7 étage, 80 rue du Progrès, B-1035 Bruxelles-Brussel, tel: +32-2-2042447, fax: 32-2-201522,


Institut Supérieur d'Architecture Lambert Lombard - BELGIUM
The documentation centre houses several thousand volumes, mainly in French and English, but also in German and Italian. The centre subscribes to about thirty magazines specialised in architecture, town planning, design and construction.
An old collection includes thousands of works of particular value for research on the history of art or restoration. It can be viewed by appointment only.
Technical documentation includes publications from manufacturers and suppliers of building materials offering up-to-date information on technical details, products and materials.
Rue Courtois 1, B-4000 Liège, tel +32-4-221 79 06,
Institut Supérieur d'Architecture Victor Horta, ULB - BELGIUM
The Library (BIBOL) of the Institut Victor Horta specialises in architecture. It is divided into different departments and contains approximately 2,000 relatively old and unique documents. These were inherited by the Académie des Beaux-Arts and cover different areas of architecture and art as well as magazines and chronicles like "l'Emulation", first published in the 19th century.
Campus de la Plaine - Accès 5, Boulevard du Triomphe - CP 248, B-1050 Bruxelles, tel +32-2.650 50 95, fax +32-2-650 50 93,
La Cambre. Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels - BELGIUM
The library of l’ecole nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre contains approximately 60,000 reference works and specialised publications on the 18 disciplines taught at the school. In addition, it offers 40 magazine subscriptions. New acquisitions cover mainly contemporary works, including the private library of the art critic Michael Tarantino (1,500 titles) since its acquisition in 2004.
Furthermore the library hosts a number of collections unique at international level:
The Henry van de Velde archive: 5,000 iconographic documents illustrating the different production facets of the artist, as well as Van de Velde’s private library and various objects.
The donation of Isabelle Errera (1927): more than 8,000 books, magazines and catalogues specialised in the fine arts and the decorative arts of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era.
The archives can be viewed on written request.
21, Abbaye de La Cambre, B-1000 Bruxelles-Brussel, tel +32 2 626 17 80, fax + 32 2 640 96 93,


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